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Sen-Dure has been manufacturing heat exchangers and oil coolers and marine accessories for over eighty years. We build and supply many different designs ranging from small 10 H.P. Gas/Diesel engines to over 2000 H.P…

A large industrial plant with pipes and valves.

Sen-Dure Heat Exchangers have been engineered for Electronic and Industrial applications such as Landfill Gas Power Plants, Induction Heating, Microwaves, Solvent Distillation, Potable Water Chilling…

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Sen-Dure has been active in the Automotive and Off  Highway Equipment industry for over 50 years…



SEN-DURE Products Inc.

Sen-Dure Products manufactures custom and OEM Heat Exchangers and Oil Coolers in copper and cupronickel alloys. For over 80 years, our superior shell and tube designs, outstanding quality and customer service have earned Sen-Dure a worldwide reputation.

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